On Higher Management, We're in This Together

She wanted to co-do everything good for him so she co-tried harder than she should have and he co-noticed so he left.
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She co-decided that she should co-lose some weight to co-attract better-looking men than herself. She did lose some weight but she wasn’t sure where it went, where it co-came from on her, it co-offed. Her mother used to co-joke that to lose ten pounds all you’d have to do is cut off your arms. She couldn’t co-stomach the thought, so she got rid of her stomach.
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There was still some loss to be co-had, she mono-thought, but she was frustrated with her fruitless co-efforts so she cut fruits. After she cut her credit cards in half and half and deposited all of her money into her sewage tank, her body tossed its last co-care in after her. There was a great deal going on for a limited time at her body's bank, they were co-charging no co-interest, so she opened a single account that was the opposite of Savings.
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She had read once that the average head weighs ten pounds. She wasn't sure how much of herself detached itself from her head when she lost it.
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