On an Open Boat

If you look at the space of the abyss as a middle passage, a transition leading from where to where, is it moving us from A to B with a diphthong concave sunken trench of a void between? Is it representative of the physical, mental, or timeliness of the crossing of a journey, and can one pause in the abyss or is it unable to be broken down into units in consciousness? Are fugue states the doors that lead us into the "real" spaces because where and when we are now does not truly exist? How does one prove now? How now does proof become fact and do facts have lifespans or do their validations once-proven go on forever? If one fact can be disproven how are we to believe any facts going forward let alone in retrospect? What does one see when swiveling viewpoints from looking forward to looking in hindsight? Cannot trust be removed from the portrait or landscape, authority replaced with suspicion? What is the meaning of regaining one's trust? How does measuring a belief describe a person? Is it tangible to hold proof in the hands of your mind and see it extend as a ray, endlessly straight and impossible to sever? What shape is a fact and how does it translate when proven as false: is it a mutation of itself or is it that we now are revealed what it always has been, we simply were not looking at it at all (or at pieces)? Must a space have a blueprint to be measured, or at least walls and a floor, before it can become a space or does space have the ability to float and evade the rules of and definitions of architecture? Without an assembly can there still be structure? Must the abyss have perimeters to be regarded as space or can we say we have fallen in without ever so much as scraping lightly the edges of an unknown enclosure on our way towards an undisclosed direction? Who is to say it is enclosing you if you cannot prove it wraps around at all? When I walk into the dark of night do I become enclosed by structure or does the lack of having one around me only change the setting and does not affect my self? Can my person be in situ displaced?