On Grounds That Float

If a pearl grows hard in darkness, it can have no value until pried out alive. Does it scream?

The stars do not come out at night one by one; they thwart the possibility of null en masse. A gateway drug to the unknown, thus a limit we do not know. Sky. The origin of English sky comes from the Old Norse word ský meaning cloud. The origin of English cloud comes from the Old English word clud meaning mass of rock or earth. The opposite of the sky. Was language developed as practical means to predict the onslaught of apocalypse, the hurtling of asteroids, the showering of planetary debris, death by stars' nature.

Will the sun scream?

The speed of sound is estimated to be 870,000 times slower than the speed of light.

We'll never hear the sun.

If I walk into a room and you are there I will alter the orbiting of my hips to try to pull you in. I will arch my back slightly and never let my arms be still at my sides. I will keep my muscles on edge and poised tautly, particularly that of my tongue. I will always hold my head on a tilt and readjust the curtains that frame me. I have not found an answer as to whether rotation is better than revolution, concerning my body around you.