On Projections at the New York Film Festival: Day II, Year III

On seeing what you want to see:

On seeing what you do not want to see:

On being an error in the plans:

     <=chair in the hallway>
     <=grinds in the coffee>
     <=glass in the heel>
     <=stomach(lurch, swallow, seize)>

On ending: 

/process /proxy /limit > zero > 0

On recognizing shapes:





On recognizing faces: 

On eating with your mouth full:

On eating alone:

On eating other:

On wiping your mouth: 

On washing your face: 

On having brought the fantasy to life: 


On meeting: 


On saying the words:


On reflex:

On gagging:

On pretense:

On pretending to be in the present tense:


     </to be> 

If the tense
= Simple+Present :

He speaks. 
He does not speak.
Does he speak?  /

= Simple+Progressive :

He is speaking.
He is not speaking.
Is he speaking?  /

= Simple+Past :

He spoke.
He did not speak.
Did he speak?  / 

= Past+Progressive :

He was speaking.
He was not speaking.
Was he speaking? / 

= Present+Perfect+Simple =/= 

     (He has spoken.)

= Present+Perfect+Progressive =/= 

     (He has not been speaking.)

= Past+Perfect+Simple =/= 

      (Had he spoken?)

= Past+Perfect+Progressive =/= 

     (Had he been speaking?)

+Future(tense:simple, progressive)

+Conditional(tense:simple, progressive) 

On the grammar of bodies:

On the syntax of secrets:

On acting the part:

On rhetorically speaking:

I understand.


I am watching Mark Leckey's Dream English Kid 1964 - 1999 A.D. I am remembering the first time I saw Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore I am listening to deconstructed music from a time capsule I am seeking a flicker to settle my brain I am thinking of Derek Jarman's Blue I am offered help by strangers and confess to them my secrets I wrangle the audience of the unknowing into giving me a standing ovation before I vomit or break the seal of my eyelids which are so heavy I can feel the weight of the creases on myself I am seeking a flicker to reactivate my brain I am seeking a tone to drown out the sounds I am seeking a static I am watching the screen glitch I am watching the beauty of errors intentional and built and planned and edited to not be normal nor perfect nor proper I am not proper nor proprietary nor property nor a prop nor a rental nor a borrow nor a loan nor a trial a sample an example a taste a test a try a guess a mistake a shot in the dark an opportunity a chance I am in the dark I am seeking a flicker to switch me back on I am not on pause I am not rewind I am seeking a flicker to rub my eyes I pass I am whole I am primary I am first I am autobiographically writing the content of my options and editing my post. I am not a flicker.