On Working at a Tech Startup, 1999 A.D.

The Original Mafia Rules were posted to the World Wide Web in 1999 by Dimma Davidoff (first copyright 1987). Later they were printed inside Bulletins of The Serving Library #2 (2011). The issue's theme was education. The Original Mafia Rules were accessed online by editors of BoTSL from the recent-past using the Internet Archive Way Back Machine.

Take a look at the most ubiquitous page on the Internet today, Google.

On May 8, 1999 there was a press link at the bottom of Google! that listed 39 articles which took the website seriously and praised its innovative new concept of this Internet. The copy is by an intra-diegetic voice:

"We were mentioned in Business Week (around 9/25)."

This particular example notably has no hyperlink to the supposed mention in Business Week.

In December 1998, Google! was chosen as one of PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites.
Note it was not the top web site.

From December 21, 1998 in Salon Magazine:

"The result is a kind of automated peer review that sifts sites based on the collective wisdom of the Web itself."

From February 22, 1999 in the Washington Post:

"Google is a new search engine that takes advantage of the cyberspace community's collective expertise."

From the April 1999 issue of Playboy:

"When I want to quickly get to the most authoritative sites on a topic, I use a search engine called Google."

If you were unemployed on October 13, 1999 and wanted to work in service for a new startup business of the Internet, you would have found the following Google! job listing:

Jobs @ Google

Looking for a start-up adventure? Google is the leading designer of next-generation search engine technology. We are rapidly hiring talented people to bring the latest and greatest technology to the web.

Reasons to work at Google!

  1. Hot technology

  2. Cool technology

  3. Intelligent, fun, talented, hard-working, high-energy teammates

  4. In the center of the Silicon Valley

  5. Excellent benefits

  6. Stock options

  7. Casual dress atmosphere

  8. Free snacks and drinks

  9. An exciting place to work! Your ideas can make a difference

  10. Millions of people will use and appreciate your software

Google seeks to hire only the best, and conducts business following the spirit and the intent of the equal opportunity laws. This means we base employment decisions exclusively on our current business needs and the given merit of a candidate. We encourage excellence at all levels in our organization, and are not influenced by race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, handicap, religion, or any other factor irrelevant to doing a great job.

Opportunities (San Francisco Bay Area-Mountain View)

Head Chef

Send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to jobs@google.com or fax to (650) 618-1499. Please include the position for which you are applying in the subject field.

Head Chef

The Googlers are hungry!!

One of Silicon Valley's hottest and fastest growing internet companies is looking for an experienced and innovative gourmet Chef to manage all aspects of Google's onsite Cafe. In this position you will be responsible for managing the Cafe, from menu planning to final presentation. The experienced Chef of choice should be creative and healthy in planning menus for Googlers. Here's a group of people with well traveled refined palates with a craving for epicurial delights.

The only Chef job with stock options!

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