On Cmd+Q Spell

We call coding a language because it transmits messages. It is written. It uses symbols that separately are representative of one mode, combined they mean new modes. Equations are diphthongs. A space can ruin everything; go back to sift and find it and fill it. Deletions are standard until the message is perfect, the only way it can be received. A glitch is avoided because an error will only return errors.

Isn't it funny how we call it code but it is the clearest form of messaging?

How we use purple language in flowering metaphors to express a thought, to sometimes say it; my shape is that of a gelatinous hyphen. My memory is my shape remembered, my memory is an error yielding error.

What is the physical manifestation of a thought, the thought turned into reality?
A moment: expressed, it dies, but does not take the thought with it. The fact of it remains, the artifact.

But what is the artifice of an act passed? What is the artifact of memory? What is its memento? How do you know its mori?

Memento is the second person singular future active imperative tense of the verb memini or 'to remember' or 'to bear in mind.' Mori is the present active infinitive tense of the verb morior or 'to die.'

So: to remember is the second person, who is single in the future, and is actively imperative.
And: to die is simply in the present and actively going on for infinity.

Infinitive meaning the verb has not been bound to a subject or a tense.
From the root infinitus which is another way of saying nonfinite.
Thus the infinitive is also the fugue who is evasive, elusive, external, exempt.

As a language a code puts systems into processing. It understands information. It takes commands and gives them out. It is formulaic about empathy: with no schema there is no plan, with no direction there is no course. It disregards sympathy and intentional meanings. It only receives the message that is written. There are no eyes to search between lines. 

Why is it that our own language has so much less quality when tested, so much more trial and error and guesswork and no response, no correction. That we can say things we do not mean and be taken for either side of our intention. That we can say things which others may not understand but which they somehow will still follow: the gist. That we create messages which can change others when we send, and when we don't hit send. Sometimes Send is written Enter is written Return.

I still exist after the message is sent. I exist after you Enter / I exist if you don't Enter. I exist if you Return / I exist if you don't Return. I exist when you type the code and do not hit Done.

I exist without a memento.
The French verb for memento, for remember, is souvenir.
I exist without a souvenir.

But how often is the message received yet we get no confirmation? There is no tracking number, no status update, no return to sender. I am talking to you face to face and you may not receive my message. That we transmit messages that can destroy a person. That our messages can direct a recipient to stop, pivot, yield. Look both ways before crossing. Wait for the signal. Try again later.

Not unlike the incantations of spells, our words command a power to be wielded carefully. Their existence in the written format: a testament to their meaning. Their existence in a person's reception: a testament to what was and was not transmitted.

Memento for 'to bear in mind,' given as a warning. To bear and the Latin bear is urs, hence Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the Great Bear and Little Bear in the celestial storybook of our stars. Ursula given as a name to mean the feminine bear, Ursula the sea witch with her drowned isolation under the waves, her anemone lipstick enchanting no one. She is a second person in the singular.

Bears are the sigil of my maternal family.
I was born under the water sign of the crustacean.

Draw the pentagram in chalk and light a candle at each point. Sew your lover's name into the sleeve of your dominant hand with a lock of lover's hair. Recite the protective spell in the infinitive tense until done. Wear the embroidered item for one full moon phase.

D / S = T
D / T = S

Where S = Speed or Rate, but not a rate as in the value or cost of goods or services
Or, where S =/= the value or cost of goods or services

S x T = D
Or, Speed of the moment x Time of the passing = Distance

How are you?