On 404-Not-Found

Microsoft's Internet Information Services has specific error codes beyond the standard "404" message that a site has gone missing.


An error in Internet placement becomes nonstandard when details become known, when the situation goes from generic description to facts that lead, or mislead, the path to your destination landing page.


The information can only add up to one message to be understood.

Standard 404 errors appear when a site is deemed broken or dead. There is no time of death on a page because it does not die until you access the error, at which point success is too late. Arrival does not exist.

Have you noticed that exist can be exits?


Inspecting the elements of an Error 404 page, I find it has children.

Most of the children in a standard error are missing, or in parts. 

   childElementCount: 2
^ childNodes: NodeList[3] 
     ^ 0: head
           ^children: HTMLCollection[4]
             >0: link
             >1: link
             >2: script
             >3: title
           ^firstChild: text
             >firstChild: null
             >isConnected: true
             >firstChild: null
           >nextElementSibling: link
           >nextSibling: comment
           >parentElement: head
                previousElementSibling: null
                previousSibling: null
           >firstElementChild: link
             hidden: false
             id: " "
             isConnected: true
             isContentEditable: false
             lang: " "
           >lastChild: text
           >lastElementChild: title
           >nextElementSibling: body
           >nextSibling: text
     > 1: text
     > 2: body

"Not found" in Google yields a top result for NotFound, a search aid for missing children across Europe.


The organization loads the profile of a missing child on your website's 404 page every time it is accessed. Every time a visitor lands on a broken link the page will display the name, age, photograph, and description of a missing child in its native language. Every dead URL prompts you to consider if you have seen a missing child.

As of 2012 there were 13.3 million profiles displayed on broken URLs.

The header says Page not found, neither is _______________.

I try an example.

ΧΑΛΙΛ ΑΛΕΙΣΑ, age 17, Greece, photographed 2007.
Reload page.
ANDREEA SIMONA SIMON, age 9, Romania, photographed 2005.
BIENAIMÉ BENEDETTA, age 4, Italy, photographed 2011.
MATEO DULLIA, age 11 months, Greece, photographed 2008.


On the Error 404 page I am looking at I right-click > Inspect > Elements > Properties.
Under ^children I find a list of unfulfilled commands that translate to the standard error.

offsetParent: null
onabort: null
onbeforecopy: null
onbeforecut: null
onbeforepaste: null
onblur: null
oncancel: null
oncanplay: null
oncanplaythrough: null
onchange: null
onclick: null
onclose: null
oncontextmenu: null
oncopy: null
oncuechange: null
oncut: null
ondblclick: null
ondrag: null
ondragend: null
ondragenter: null
ondragleave: null
ondragover: null
ondragstart: null
ondrop: null
ondurationchange: null
onemptied: null
onended: null
onerror: null
onfocus: null
oninput: null
oninvalid: null
onkeydown: null
onkeypress: null
onkeyup: null
onload: null
onloadeddata: null
onloadedmetadata: null
onloadstart: null
onmousedown: null
onmouseenter: null
onmouseleave: null
onmousemove: null
onmouseout: null
onmouseover: null
onmouseup: null
onmousewheel: null
onpaste: null
onpause: null
onplay: null
onplaying: null
onprogress: null
onratechange: null
onreset: null
onresize: null
onscroll: null
onsearch: null
onseeked: null
onseeking: null
onselect: null
onselectstart: null
onshow: null
onstalled: null
onsubmit: null
onsuspend: null
ontimeupdate: null
ontoggle: null
onvolumechange: null
onwaiting: null