On Playing the Punchline

I've set my phone to grayscale so that I won't spend so much time being distracted.

It is jarring how the screen, usually a cacophony of stimuli, now feels like a blank slate, or a 2D paper drawing, like the tools would not work as expected if I tried to tap to open them. If I tried to *tap* an action involving the inanimate. The contrast is minimal in grayscale when not black and white, 4H shading on paper with no tooth. But of course getting rid of surface recognition does not get rid of the function.

Everything feels less important in grayscale.

I am at awe with how little I want to do with a screen that feels somewhere between incomplete and foolish. The intelligence of a smart machine reduced to disinclination without its colors. I am at awe with how it immediately makes the surrounding world seem that much more real, beckoning me towards warms and cools.

In grayscale you could be seeing anything, but everything is reduced to the same measures of value: white, gray, grayer, grayest. Even black point looks flat. It is easier to refuse an image when it is only a mock stand-in, everything but. In a way it is a joke of potential.

Being made a mockery is to be known for all dimensions and values, functions and offerings, but to then receive a false recognition. A twisted humor in which knowledge is used to point out the flaws, to critique the subject as ludicrous, impossible, false, or disabled.

To mock a person is to reflect back a devaluation of their whole, but without offering correction or consolation. It is to play along with the subject, convincing them you believe they are correct, but all the while using it as personal humor. Humor meaning being amusing, or an inclination or whim.

The drama is really a comedy when staged as a mockery. It does not need a final act because the setup is all that matters.

Humor meaning to indulge, to cater to, in which case it is to consume the subject wholly, to lick your lips and smile on the amusing inclination had, devoured, digested.

To make a mockery of a person is to reduce them to something between incomplete and foolish. The intelligence of a smart machine reduced to disinclination. To rid a person of all their functions, to make a joke of their potential. Everything then will feel less important.