On Dismantling Junctions

The cat has lost 20% of its body weight in a time span that lasted as briefly as fads or celebrity weight. The cat is dying, but whether slowly or quickly has yet to be determined - perhaps he is not dying at all. In which case we are the fools to observe him. Jumping to conclusions is bad exercise. I wonder what kind of workout the cat has been doing, now that he cannot eat hard or solid foods, now that he spends whole days asleep, now that he walks and jumps with apparently no purpose or knowledge, going through the door and then going right back through it again. Repeat. The cat's stomach does not show itself or hang, he has what appears to be a waist, a breast plate. Human. Like a sunken chest on a dying man, but the cat, he may not be dying.

Cat has been listed as a synonym for human, although I never found out why, but I always feel it is quotable. 

Like my right hip being slightly higher than my left, a morsel of information like sea salt in water: floating, unabsorbed by the body, by you. It remains information that does not embed itself deeply because it is, for the purpose of having no purpose, random. 

The random information is neither false nor joking, it simply exists without being edited. If it should change then it remains a fact but of history. Only when meaning enters the scene can the stage directions be rehearsed. Or, when meaning is given to the otherwise pointless, the true gift is an authority that commands feelings and priority. I love your slightly asymmetrical hips for their crooked tilt, I prefer the uneven over standard skeletons. As such.

I am in awe of the cat's hips as he gingerly walks away from me, swiveling their protrusions in his liquid skin. His body is 20% less than when it was unnoticed. I think of ice cubes stirred in water, I think I can hear the frozen clinking and feel the cool sweat on the glass as I watch the cat walk through the room and backtrack. I wonder if I could adopt the cat's workout and slink into the form of a cool glass of water, my uneven hips clinking one cube taller than the other.

Cat is a synonym for human, kitten is a synonym for girl.