On Being Provided For

Disaster Repair Services are coming to clean the aftermath of the electrical fire. I have the same Disaster Repair Services as Paul Simon. They have also serviced Ron Howard, Diana Ross, and Cyndi Lauper. I feel more like I am being taken care of now.

It is a blessing that the staple overheated in the crawlspace and went up in smoke, the house from basement to sunroom to first floor, second floor, attic. Disaster Repair Services are coming to clean every window, wall, and floor. They will take out any pile deemed as trash. Any fabric that can be dry cleaned will be bagged and trucked to a designated Disaster Repair Dry Cleaner. The Insurance Provider will locate the closest company that specializes in Fire Damage Repair.

I abandon my attempts at tidying up prior to Disaster Repair Services' arrival. I am one foot inside a house and one foot inside a room of boxes and garbage bags of clothing, the aftermath of moving out and in. I wonder if the artificial vanilla scent of the bags is carcinogenic, masking the scent of fabric to instead wrap it in the idea of freshly laundered. I am not someone who uses dryer sheets. I don't have a scent after doing the laundry. I hope that the Disaster Repair Dry Cleaners use products with a green and ecological scent, to embellish the erasure of any residue of disaster. With what do you replace the residue of disaster when talking about senses?

Disaster Repair Services say the toxins will become more apparent in the humidity of summer.
Next summer.

Disaster Repair Services are going to purify everything now.

Disaster Repair Services will wipe down every surface of every item in every room. They will open every drawer, every closet, lift up every chair, bed, and movable object. Walls with too much damage will be repainted. Artwork with damage will be sent out for restoration. Carpets and rugs will be vacuumed and washed and replaced if needed.

Make piles of trash and Disaster Repair Services will remove them all. You need not bag your trash piles because Disaster Repair Services will use their own bags to carry them out.

I wonder if the Insurance Provider offers Emotional Repair Services. Would they play for me "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" and brush my hair and keep my feet warm? Would they sign me up for acupuncture and rub the knots from my lower spine and the base of my skull? Would they send me to live in a disconnected cabin off the grid, alone?

Girls just want to have fun

I go to a café to work. My friend starting a literary journal calls me to discuss the launch; we discuss for four hours, during which I send him eight emails and he recaulks his bathtub. I almost feel bad he does not have Disaster Repair Services to help him. Both of our phones die but I stay connected at the café for another six hours, alone. What's different from the café and from expecting Disaster Repair Services coming is the evidence that other people are alive.