On Line Enter Line

I receive an email with an unintentional line break.

I cannot stop reading my friend's message without breaking the sentences into multiple lines. I send back to my friend my edited reading of the original message:

I want to involve
myself more with seeing art and attending openings. I feel like I used
To be a person who did that and I stopped
for a while but need to rejoin myself
with myself again.

My friend agrees we like this version better. I ask to read more thoughts, more personal writings, more poetry from my friend before I realize I took the thought and poeticized it myself,

but who said the whole sentence is not a poem if it is unbroken, and

who said that poems are definitive as objects, standards, or have prerequisites, and

who decided that this is what you read when you read poems and not when you read trash labels or menu boards or hieroglyphic traffic signs or QVC call now phone numbers, 1-800-something-something, or the way he looks at you that you may be imagining, and

is this still a sentence or is this now a poem, and

do we need to name it like a textbook index to know what we are talking about in this recently common trend of having to say what you are talking about when you are talking about it, and

maybe this is just a list, and

maybe this is just a list of line breaks, and

what if you don't have a language, and

what if Helen Keller

- what if

- she told you words that were unknownst to be but simply were inside her head like thoughts without letters or pictures or symbols but just sensation, and

what still if she told you 

     would you or not believe her 

     would you or not respond 

and, I wonder what if this is all an error of computing and pixels and code language not speaking with words but commanding with mechanical cognition, or

cognitive mechanics, yes  


I know what is happening behind my screen

but I know not what is happening behind yours

and, what still if you are not using language or words

     would you be or not be a belief

     would you be or not be received

by me, and

to me, and

I wonder about the sentence I received in a different email at the end of the night, the last email that I keep from the night, and in it he writes, "Specificity is your friend, however." I have not been specific. I have danced foxtrots and waltzes and shimmies and mazurkas around what I have been wanting to talk about, I have gone as low as the limbo bar straddles me, I have played polite and cordial, at odds with friendly and inviting, unsure of who I should be in wanting to talk about what I don't know how to talk about. How do I get agency without asking for it directly? What am I asking for, regardless? Do I need someone to come break in my lines so I can see what is in between them?