On Being a Guest

Receiving an unwanted phone call. How to say, "No."

There is the question of what one wants when one wants one. The answer: two.

Receiving an unwanted request to give. How to say, "No, but I am sorry."

When one wants one (two) who does not want one (one) who would be hurt to learn the truth (zero).
When one wants one (two) with an other one (three) and none are in the same room (zero).
When none are in the same city (zero).
When none are on the same page (zero).

Receiving praise you will not reciprocate. How to say, "No, but thank you."

When the common denominator is a common de-nominator, or, de-namer (non-id).
When the name by which we call it is removed so that it never was if it is not now (you cannot make something out of nothing).

Receiving the burden of having to socially appease others. How to say, "No, your card has been declined."

When the common thread is colored in ultraviolet (invisible).

Receiving advice that is thinly disguised opinion. How to say, "No, you're wrong."

If one is the one who is nothing, can the nothing-one be remembered or is the memory now the origin of the nothing-one as one? Does remembering the nothing-one start a thought from scratch?
Does the scratch bleed?

Receiving a spot on the shelf. How to say, "Please be sure to dust."