On Beta-Testing Alphas

I am under the assumption that I will be picking up a few things and then heading to the panel discussion on humans. "Superhumanity" is the given name by the architecture and design academics presenting their responses to the question of what makes us human.

What is my design? 

I am under the assumption I have built my own plans to execute and carry out, that I am the boss in charge of my evening. This is the agenda and I am not breaking from the blueprint.

I am under the assumption I will hear back sooner than later from him about joining me in my designs for the evening, but the attempt is left dangling from the cliffside of No Reply. If I am building anything, it does not include a safety net for others.

I am under the assumption, by the time it becomes clear that I am abandoning my construction, that I will no longer be the boss of my own agenda.

I cannot plan whether or not my new evening will end in pleasure or in pain. I cannot plan whether or not I will have willed either outcome when it's over, but I have never been good at distinguishing the differences.

Is this pleasure or is this pain? 

Is this my will or will I just say yes? 

There is something faintly victimizing about pointing to serendipity, like walking into a room that has been sprayed with the musk of artificial flowers.

In the New Disorder of collaborating on chances for the night, I am surprised and surprised and surprised that a rose is a rose is a rose and I am unsurprised at how comfortable it feels.

You cannot blow wishes on false dandelions. 

I am surprised and surprised and surprised that he is still him and I am still me and we are still saying that it is still early.

So he takes me to Spain for the night because I've never been.

A plastic rose smells like bisphenol A is BPA is cancer.

I am under the assumption, but not under the influence, but words are still words are just words. 

If the equation is the same as you had originally left it, and the variables remain constant in their individual values, then the answer has not changed whether or not you ever found it. Being unable to solve the problem does not mean there is no answer.

What is the difference between a formula and an equation?