On Demapping from Point A to Point B

The fear of prediction is that our own assertions will prove correct without us having been in control of the why or the how or the truth. Is it superior statistics of an other cognition to innately know what has been predetermined, or is it mind over any matter that we bend destiny to fit our wills?

What is the Google Maps Street View of predestination? Do you see yourself on the screen? 

Destination is a terminus. It means arrival. It means an end.

If destination is where you are, does destination have coordinates or just coordinators to help you get there, here?

Territory is a claim of location, a declaration of independence named in solitude from the rest of the map. The thing about territory is that you must leave your boundaries in order to know the lay of the land around you. The land is a geographical body. You cannot know the lay of the body without walking all over it first. How does it bend to fit your will?

To lay claim is to not share. To lay claim is to look after, but to not look past. To lay claim is to lie down and not be in danger.

Untouched territory is virginal, like an inaccessible island. 

But - "No woman is an island-ess." 

Even imaginary lands can be trashed from forest to shoreline. Who said this land was safe?

Do not lie down, lie not.

This land was made for you and me, this land is a no-trespassing zone.