On Paying Dues

I am made an offer I choose to refuse. 

Choice is autonomy.
Making a decision gives an individual direct power.

Volition capsizes passivity.

If one is never given a choice, where is the proof of consciousness?
If one never thinks to take one's self into account, is selflessness the actual loss of being?

The need for needs is either nature or nurture, but neither is indicative of whether a person should.

In justifying one's choice, does one do justice to one's self or to the interrogating other party?

When acting selflessly there is a line between heroism and stupidity.

When does being selfish rename the actions one takes to progress?
When does being selfish rename the acceptance or rejection of desires?

Patience is a virtue unless you cannot afford it.

Vices of the rich include killing time by burning money.
Vices of the rich include not needing to consider money as either a cause or an effect.
Vices of the rich include not needing to frame actions as either logical or illogical.

Without money as an object the rich are an abstraction.
Without money as an object there is no thing to subject, only action to take.

Actions replace transactions.

There is a division between one's best interests and one's vital necessities.
There is a schism that splits surviving from fitting.

Without an object to mold there is no form to fit.

Credit cards are made of plastic because they retain change without breaking.
Credit cards create elasticity by bending the line between need and desire.
Credit cards are an extension of the hand that haves and holds, charges, swipes, inserts.