On Mercury Retrograding

Today begins another Mercury Retrograde.

When Mercury is not progressing, you will notice it in the setbacks to your domestica, your travels, the small-scale details that would otherwise go unnoticed to ensure a smooth production to your day.

When Mercury is not moving forward, neither should you.

For three weeks it is prescribed by the stars that you not sign contracts, agree to binding deals, or finalize negotiations. 

For three weeks from close of year through start of year it is advised that you not create a plan to which you will hold yourself accountable.

Fear the miscommunications and the disloyalty. Fear the misaligned schedules and disruptive surprises. Fear the mistakes. Fear the disappointments. 

The stars don't need to moderate your life if you prefer your days as a chance game of telephone: the celestial whispers success and you hear suck less and the world tells you to be suck sinked. Lost in the translation of sound in a vacuum.