On a Rose by Any Other Name

I decide that I will contribute something uncanny to the potluck dinner tonight. The party is in lieu of holiday celebrations, in that it is a gathering we would commonly have in our common space with these common people, food, and string lights per usual. The calendar's date is the only reason for the Christmas trees being sold on the corner, one of which we receive as a gift in exchange for opening our space to the two men selling trees all day.

What to bring that would be both pleasing and uncanny?

I consider how I don't eat sugar, starch, or grain.
I reconsider how I probably won't be eating, regardless.
I know one attendee is pregnant, many don't eat meat, and I do not have a good idea of what kind of alcohol makes for a happy party.
Which depressant will up you the best?

I decide to make cakes. I sweeten the spiced dough with apple sauce, made from real apples. Taking a bite means tasting apple, regardless of purée or processing. Is taste the same as consumption? The pan I am using is shaped like halves of apples, some halves with seeds imprinted, some halves with a leaf imprinted, orbs meant to make one think of fruit but not knowledge. Apple seeds contain natural cyanide. Once baked, the apple halves can be bound together using a sticky substance like frosting to create a 3D apple. Holding one of these cakes is to hold the shape of an apple, made from non-apples, flavored by real apples.

The shape references the origin.
The taste references what you desire.
The object as a whole connects the sensations for your pleasure so that you do not fool yourself about what you are enjoying.

The forest is a beautiful shade of green when you do not squint your eyes to see the pixels of each tree.

Fool's gold is just cake.
Cake is just a formula made edible.

My friend meets me at the party and I make introductions to other friends. My invited friend begins the conversation by declaring how only hours earlier, it became clear that the best decision to make is to drop all goals, plans, and expectations in life. We debate; I agree. We agree to disagree, to a degree. When one of the conversationalists spills red wine all over my bag, my invited friend points to it and says, "See? Don't have expectations."

What goals do I have that I should drop off, and can I pick them back up again if I feel prepared?

I consider that we are only four days into Mercury Retrograde, so every expectation and plan is to be dropped except for the expectation and planning of everything going wrong to begin with.

Is preparation the antidote to entropy?
Is prediction the first step in creating order or is order merely the extension of having made a prediction?

Even Retrograde has a system when it has been forecast.

Before arriving at the party I received news that someone would be absent.
To see or not to be seen, that is the question of existence.
To be present by being here or to be present by being absent, that is the difference between the real thing and its flavor.
To expect or to plan, that is to be given up entirely.