On "Talking" Intimately

We are talking about the etiquette of intimacy.

There is also an etiquette to physicality that is not emotionally intimate.

There is a body to give pleasure to a body receiving pleasure.
There are symbiotic relationships and there are parasitic relationships.
There are mutual benefits and there are inequality beneficiaries.
There are commands and requests.
There is satisfaction.

I am asking him about the etiquette of intimacy.

I put for me in quotation marks. I put good in quotation marks.
To quote your own words is to make mention but not to use them. To refer to the idea but not to employ it.

He says that's a lot to unload. He says I'm trying to think of the best way to answer
"I don't really think it is a question," I say.

He puts how do you want me in quotation marks.
"Like a blank slate," I say.
I put what do you want in quotation marks.

We are discussing the etiquette of intimacy between partners.

"When should you"
"How do you"
"Do you think I"

He says what I would say to you is -
He says you'll be the perfect girl -
He says it means nothing.
I say true.

We are not "partners" but we are intimately discussing what it means between people who don't use quotation marks around each other.

In retrospect he says, I put good in quotation marks again.

We are intimately discussing the etiquette of how to mention but not to use, to have an idea but not to employ it on the same page he says, the right partner.

We are not partners but we are discussing the etiquette of intimacy.

I don't know he says, men rarely succeed with you he says.

"I suppose that makes sense," I say.