On the Nourishment of New

It is just past midnight and I am having breakfast.
Steak and salad - the usual.

I am reading about fasting as the simplest way to do by not doing the simplest thing.

Welcome to the new year.

Begin a feast in lieu of fasting.
Steak and salad - and no more meats.

What to eat? No food.

The simplest thing is no thing at all.

What about my health? Don't worry.

A thing need not be consumed, a thing need not be done, a thing need not be.

I hear happy from far-away family members.
Members, as a club, a collection.
Family as paraphernalia: hoarding our blood and marriages and choices.

A thing need not be a thing at all: abstain, restrict, refrain, deny it.

Fasting is necessary to give the body a break.
How would you like to digest food all day?

I hear happy from friends I had decided not to see the night before, friends I still have not seen in a long time and friends in other timezones who heard happy before and after I did.

Digesting through bile and bloodflow is not the same as savoring a bite on the tongue.

I hear from an ex-lover happy.

A binge of relations, a purge of expectations.

I don't hear from an ex-lover the word too.
I don't hear from my friends happy and too.

Welcome to the new year.

The simplest thing will be no thing at all.

Do you want to be simple or something?

Do family and famine come from the same root?