On Keeping Your Distance

I ask about a partnership, the shape of their living together.
Do they schedule time together?
Do they schedule time to be alone?

I ask how it works for them working.
Is it a matter of keeping separate spaces?
Is the editing lately about her bed?

They wake up at 8:15.
They have breakfast at 9:45.
creative work
They have lunch at 12:30.
business work
They have freedom at 4:15.

I am told it is relieving not to share any visions, as done with previous creative lovers before.
I do not ask if there is a feeling of absence that is empowering because now you have taken it upon yourself to fulfill the void.

I am told it is a breath of fresh air to have an editor instead of a collaborator for a lover.
I do not ask if there is a balance between one partner creating and the other partner editing what is not theirs.

I am told that separating creation from sharing a romance gives each partner the gift of ownership.
I do not ask if there is an expectation not to create together when sharing a romance, only.
I do not ask if one partner becomes hostile to another who says let's fuck in order to really ask will you make this with me?
I do not ask if their romance is straightforward since implications and suggestions would make use of clever artforms.
I do not ask if artistic merits are kept separate from romantic values.
I do not ask if sharing strictly a romance means not having to say I do not really like your work.