On Giving a Tip

Now that Mercury Retrograde is over, I can send in the revisions I have been finishing. I can properly look at them and read them without thinking there is a trawling catastrophe in the cadence, a disconnect in the dance. I am uncertain about what reads as progress but know that Mercury is now progressing again. That means you can proceed now, too.

I rework the whole piece per the editors' revisions and resubmit the piece to the editors.

Editing is always ongoing and present and overrides itself like a working ouroboros. 

You do not re-edit, do not re√ędit.

I catch the train in time. I do not re-catch it just because it is again, I catch it because it is ongoing and present: I am always catching the train. 

When I meet him I remember it is a Monday. Work is a constructed excuse to hide the oppression of our freedom. You cannot be free without your money but you must work to have it. The more you work the less you can take but we hope they'll give you more this year.

We must work to be able to afford our essentials and necessities: food and shelter and clothing. The rest is a luxury we must work to pay for separately: dinner dates and down comforters and condoms. 

At dinner I instinctively reach for my bag to pay. These are hard times on us less-than-millionaires and I don't want my friends to feel fraught with dining out; let us have a good time, enjoy your meal, I can pay this off. I cannot afford it more than they, but money is a dialect of love I learned from early. Now I am learning to say split between the cards please.

I wonder how I am categorized as a payment. An expense can always be written off if business; nobody wants to be a tax. What is the worth of me at the table? I don't eat much when I'm nervous and besides it's getting hot in here. I'll stick to water for now. Thank you. How much to tip the woman who recites tonight's lobster pasta? How much do you tip the service after they match your graces? I will pay you to be kind and polite. I will pay you to do as we both expect. Gratuity is not always included, but does that mean the one who is paying is to be grateful or the one who is being paid says thank you. Are you thankful for being gracious when you give? Always be graceful when you take out your credit card. Always be graceful when you unlock the door. Always ask your guest if first she would like a glass of water.