On Planning Parenthood

I have a reminder set ten minutes before my call. I open my notepad and find a pen. I open the initial email thread in case I need to reference it. I double-check the names of who I will be speaking with on the call. I reached out in December after meeting a representative in November and now the time has finally arrived for discussion.

I am the first to call in and the music distracts my attention.

I am talking to Planned Parenthood.

There is a he and a she on the phone with me.
I am asked to explain what I had in mind.
I am caught off-guard by how secretly I am unprepared for this conversation.

We are discussing coming together for more information.

Important and useful, that's what we want the event to be.
We are discussing how to best arrange an open-house session with Planned Parenthood NYC.

Insurance, unnecessary.
A reason to visit the clinic, unnecessary.

I describe a loose idea of the session: representatives detailing the health care services provided, what kind of coverage policies are in place and how they may be bent to accommodate, how the interested can volunteer and work with any of the Planned Parenthood locations in each borough. 

There would be information pamphlets, tablets to schedule any kind of appointment, and the chance to speak with one of the present representatives for private questions, or to reach out to later.

There would be lots of free condoms.

"Oh," she says as he laughs, "we'll have lots of materials to take away, including condoms."

"Trust me."
"We come prepared."

She tells me that February is Let's Talk Sex month to campaign for better sex education in schools. Wouldn't it be great to combine these two events? she asks me. I agree.

When will we follow-up on this call?
They both look at their calendars I cannot see. She is going to DC for the march. He will also be busy. We schedule for after the political roll-out.

We are excited.

This is political.

This is a pregnant pause.