On Being a Mock-Up

My revisions have been received.

The editor apologizes.

The editor says, "I'm still away."

With my revisions I had sent a few questions, pointed out which suggestions I took and which I did not.

"I'll be able to get back to you," writes the editor, "in more detail in the coming weeks."

I think about how we cannot change the time that is coming to us.

Does time come to us? And if so, from where?

Or does time come at us? And if so, from where?

If my body covers a larger area it would absorb more light and energy but not time. 

Do we go through time or is one body always static when traveling through a medium?

Is my body small, medium, or large?

"Enjoy being away for now," I write back, "and we'll be in touch soon."

Are we in touch? And if so, touching what and is it each other?

Touch can cause pleasure or pain or repulsion, touch can be unsolicited, touch can be an intrusion.

An unwanted email.

Are two static bodies ever touching?

What kind of shock do you feel when you touch me and I am static?

The sheets stiffen and spark with the lights out if you look closely and hard at the void. 

How do you prove a friction so fast you can neither grab it nor hear an echo of the crackling that means contact?

What do you mean, contact?

How do you receive a spark that is sent back for correction? 

Static bodies don't cause friction.

Static bodies don't touch.