On Always Keeping One Eye Open

He says you are asleep

He says you are maybe pretending to be asleep.

I turn over to face him and say, "I am losing sight of why I have cared."

He says it comes and goes

"How do I know," I ask, "that it will not come back to stay?"

He says that is unlikely

He has not answered my question.

My back turns to face him.

I am not pretending. 

He has said the same things to me before. I have asked him the same questions before. We have had this conversation and each time rearranged the synonyms so that the equation always remains balanced. The equation always equals zero.

Balanced does not equal equal. Equal does not equal fair. Fair does not require feelings, feelings are what demand for fairness. Justice is not a guidemap, justice is a logic born of pathos. Logic does not mean one and one make three. Three is not two people. Two people do not require pathos.