On Not Being the Incurable

The radio says the traffic is brought to me by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.

I have never suffered from either disease, but I once lived in France with someone who kept Crohn's medicine in the freezer. It traveled from New York in a suitcase. It was just in case. I had thought of how punny that was at the time but had not said anything to spoil our apartment on the Riviera. What calming views of the sailboats, what chocolatey breads always laid out for breakfast. I wondered when just in case might turn into need it now. I never found out.

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract somewhere between the mouth and the anus, by definition. Bowels are meant to remove toxins and waste from a body; to have an obstruction is to neglect the decomposing trash bin inside your home. There is an increase in the chance of bowel cancer, which metaphorically is like a sewer overflowing the emergency drains in the town. What should be helpful becomes a monopoly of malicious intent. What removes harm, when it does not move out, instead begins to grow a lethal rebellion. And poor body, the host of a party featuring stowaways hiding under the bed.

Ulcerative colitis is long-term with no known causation. Theories are given on environmental, immunological, and bacterial studies, but all of which are unfounded as definite. Colitis creates steady inflammation of the colon and rectum with bleeding, abdominal pain, and weight loss and anemia from bloody diarrhea. The body's waste system is forced to continue to work regardless of errors, pains, and literal holes burned away. As the body's necessary functions for removal of unnecessary and potentially harmful waste products proceed as though normal, the body fulfills its intent to detoxify while sweeping out the healthful aspects meant to remain, such as blood levels. Without a definitive cause, the only cure for the disease is to remove the colon and rectum.

American diets and lifestyles are found to directly contribute to internal distress and defects.

The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation is bringing me the traffic for the day.

Traffic is the steady movement of automobiles, pedestrians, bikes, and transportation animals. Traffic may be backed up; delayed; off-schedule; on-schedule; awaiting response; tending to an emergency; at a complete stand-still; running normally. You cannot know what is ahead in your path without being given clairvoyant information from someone up ahead, or listening to the radio.

And the radio's traffic report is brought to me by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation today.

My friend texted to ask how I was doing. She asked me after revealing she had just received the news that her HPV test came back positive. This is her second positive HPV result over the course of a few years. Does that mean she is really positive? She is sure there is a chance of fluke.

Human papillomavirus infections typically have no symptoms and may resolve themselves spontaneously. You may never even know you have and don't have HPV. Multiple partners, smoking, early age of sexual intercourse, and a poor immune system may contribute. HPV only affects humans. HPV cannot be transmitted via genital-related items such as toilets. HPV can show up as warts or precancerous lesions. HPV may affect the genitals of either gender, the anus, the mouth, or the throat. A person can be infected with more than one type of HPV at a time. Over 40 types of HPV are transmitted via the genitals and anus. Over 170 types of HPV are known to exist. There is currently no specific treatment for HPV.

I have never received the human papillomavirus vaccine.
I do not ask my friend who is HPV-positive, for the second time, if she had ever received the HPV vaccine.

Almost every diagnosis of cervical cancer is related to an infection caused by human papillomavirus. Penile cancer, anal cancer, head and neck cancers, including oral and throat cancers, and lung cancer all can be linked to over a dozen types of human papillomavirus infections.

I don't respond to my friend's question about how I am. I am stuck in traffic.
The traffic is brought to me by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, which was founded in Manhattan in 1965 by Irwin M. Rosenthal and Shelby Modell.

My friend is HPV-positive for a second time but does not think she should ask to be screened for cancer, which was recorded for the first time in Egypt circa 1600 BC.

My friend and I are both Cancers.
Only full removal of all cancer cells can rid the disease and cure one from the tumor. When spread too far there is no chance of being cured. Chemo destroys both cancer cells and healthy cells, like antibiotics destroy both harmful bacteria and necessary bacteria. Cancer recalled the crab in ancient Greek and Latin texts due to the straining of veins that stretch out from a bulbous tumor, "as the animal the crab has its feet," according to Hippocrates and Galen of Pergamon and Aulus Cornelius Celsus.

I do not respond to my friend asking me how I am. I do not think to myself three times a charm. I do not consider getting vaccinated. I do not know when I will get out of this traffic.