On Not Eating the Bones

Put a large vat on the stovetop.
Fill with water three-quarters of the way up.
Add sliced celery, onion, carrots, or other sturdy vegetables for taste.
Add sea salt or Himalayan salt for electrolytes.
Add all the animal bones that can fit.
Bring to a boil then turn the heat down to a simmer.
Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for leeching out the bones.
Cover on low heat for at least twenty-four hours.

You will know your broth has fully depleted the bones of their nutrients when the bones entirely fall apart at the gentlest prod. Left to simmer for at least twenty-four hours, even better at forty-eight, the bones will entirely disintegrate into the broth. The marrow is unnameable in color, a blind-spot between purple and brown and grey and red. A non-color that will powder into a cloud of pigmented flakes like fish food.

You could make broth from the bones of fish, that is, you could make bone broth that is made of fish. Some people do not consider fish to be meat.

Some people call themselves a vegetarian then remedy their label by adding but I eat fish. These people do not use the proper term that explains these rules and exceptions by calling themselves a pescatarian. If you eat eggs as well then ovopescatarian, and dairy then ovolactopescatarian.

Bones are only found in living creatures. To call the ribbing of a corset bones is to reference the history of the garment which used whalebone. Take a woman and shape her into a more slender appeal for society's gaze using the structure of an obtuse underwater creature known for its gargantuan size and the commodification of blubber for candles, heating, fueling, and preserving. A woman is not light, warmth, sustenance, or conserved. A woman is a living organism made of bones and shaped by the bones of another: a baby dilates the pelvic floor, a man breaks through the hymen, puberty stretches skin and bone at the speed of adolescence giving way to family planning. A woman is made of eggs and milk and bones. A woman is meat and fish but not that fish are meat. A woman is a table on which one lays out a feast of metaphors. A woman is ovolactopescatarian.