On Filling the Void with Empty

At 8:35am I receive a message in my inbox.

Sorry - Have to reschedule - when are u next available

I offer another night, we settle on yet another.


I am excited that my week now has more options available for someone else.

I write ___ ______ has to reschedule.
I write this Thursday has become another possibility for me.

I add if that changes anything.

I receive no response.
It is only Tuesday.

I am being impatient with what is not a conversation.
I decide not to mentally settle on a fantasy of any of the possible nights for the week.

I cannot always succeed.

Do not hold expectations for what has proven to be unsuccessful.

What happens to time that goes unfulfilled?

Silence is a portal into nothing.
Silence is not a plug to conserve one's thoughts and efforts.
The energy of silence is measured by the affect of being removed from intent. Variables do not include emotions, income, or location. The values are fixed at the start of an equation but there is never an equals sign to signal an answer can be reached, silence is a non-formula that is only solved by ending entirely.

I receive no response.
Tuesday is over.

Possibilities lead to detritus, format: hope.
Options lead to depreciation, format: mistakes.
Choices lead to negligence, format: choosing other.

One man's trashed plans are another man's burden.
One man's reschedule is another man's ringtone alert for annoyance.