On Counting without Values

I have offered to take him to a particular restaurant where I take everybody, as I say. I had offered in response to his accusation that I've never taken him anywhere.

Sure! was his enthusiastic acceptance, and poorly displayed.

I had assumed he had meant yes or let's or okay.

We are not together, but have not disappeared because we were not together.

I write to him I take it we are not getting together tonight. I add yeah?

The day is not infinite.

He says I'm sorry

The day disappears because it has known values measured by time.

He says I think and I'm just and I'll try and ?

I say That's okay

I say I'll try and I don't and I can't and I can

He says he is not disappearing.

He says he is assuring me by sending me an emoticon.
Or he says he is sorry for having disappeared but that he cannot and will not do anything about it by sending me an emoticon.
Or he says he is too busy to see me but that he would like to when he can prove he exists by sending me a colon and a close parenthesis.

I advise him not to martyr himself.

I say I am

He says Thanks and I'll try and I will

I say Yes

I say I am looking forward to seeing him by sending an image of a partly-opened mouth.
Or I say I am thinking of him by sending him an image of my mouth.
Or I say I am glad to think he is not disappearing by sending him an illustration meant to imitate a memory of my open mouth.
Or I say I am excited to see him by sending him a digital rendering of a sexual implication.
Or I say I am wet by sending him a digital icon to elicit memories of sexual implications involving either of our mouths.

I clarify that it is my mouth by following with an image of an upwards-curved eggplant which in effect reduces him to the metaphor of a vegetable.

Or I am saying I am hungry because I'm starved by what's disappeared.