On the Steady State of Not Being Nothing

The neglected essays are collected as an artistic endeavor. The purpose is to publish essays that never made it into circulation. But when? To write is not to seek distribution always - or is it? Were the essays lost due to hiding, clandestine operations? Was there drama and tragedy, murder and suspense? Or were the neglected essays simply passed, unaccepted, rejected on style.

Prosperity is not a metric for merit.
Proliferation is not a sign of progress.

Consider how your body taking up more space must displace more particles to continue to fit.

That which is lost cannot be tracked.
What cannot be counted has no metric for measuring.
What cannot be accounted for has no proof.

When the flashlight is turned off in the night, does the beam of light vanish at the same time, before, or after?

What do we see when the torch has been extinguished?

Kindling is not turning something into nothing.
Kindling is an act of consumption we can see. It is not kind, nor kindly.
It is kinetic; strike a tinder.

How much energy exists in a black hole?
How much energy exists in what cannot be proven?

If a thing exists but is not something, it is only important to remember that the thing is not nothing.

The steady state is not equal to growth.
Contentment is not progress.
Taking for granted is not taking advantage.

The businessman knows the only way to be wealthy is to spend his money.
The artist spends his time on attempting to create a value to his money.

Fair does not equal equal.
Equal does not equal free.
Free does not guarantee survival, provisions, or security.

Love is not an emotion or state, it is a belief system drafted by internal scripts: command, fantasy, fulfill, reward, delight

The code is designed to scroll infinitely for the user's easiest experience.
The front end is designed to easily slide into the back end for the user's experience.

To be the director is to rub the ego until it is pleased.

How safe is this?  vs  How big can this get?
How safe are you?  vs   How big can you get?

"The world can," he says, “become still ever shittier.”

He quantifies the outlook of hopeful economies as burdened by the denial of the user's "lifeboat ethics," or, to lay fire to the theatre of the bourgeois is a dramatic move of decoration without function. "There’s only so much room in this boat," he clarifies, "meaning for us, included in which is your absence." He implies his ego is being stroked in the right direction. He changes the subject by closing the conversation.