Program Assistant to Projections at the New York Film Festival, devoted to experimental and artists’ moving image works.

Invited researcher, Images Research Forum, 31st Images Festival.

Managing Editor, Storyfile, a biannual art and literary journal.


Ericka Beckman: Double Reverse (contributor) | Hirmer Publishers

Ritual and Capital (contributor) | Wendy's Subway


Essays • Interviews • Non-Fiction

Camille Billops’s & James Hatch’s Suzanne, Suzanne | Screen Slate

Jon Moritsugu’s Mod Fuck Explosion | Screen Slate

Harun Farocki’s Prison Images | Screen Slate

Dorothy Iannone: A Cookbook | The Brooklyn Rail

An Interview with Filmmaker Ericka Beckman | The Brooklyn Rail

Surveillance as the Shooting Script of Documentary: On Chris Kennedy’s Watching the Detectives | The Brooklyn Rail

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One | Hyperallergic

The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Rick Prelinger's Lost Landscapes of New York The Brooklyn Rail

An Interview with Filmmaker Emily Ann Hoffman | Storyfile (Issue 3)

Robert Smithson's VirginTheo Westenberger Estate

Real, False, and Worthy: On Jen George's The Babysitter at Rest | Fanzine

Maybe She's Born With It: On Lily Hoang's A Bestiarycontext

Interview with an Editor: Gramma Poetry | Fanzine

On Pick-Pocketing Laurie AndersonStoryfile (Issue 2)

On Penetrating the Dupe in a Hoax of VictimizationStoryfile (Issue 2)

On Flatland for the Non-BelieversStoryfile (Issue 2)

An Image of the Industry of ImagesOtherZine (Issue 32)

A Glitch in the System: On Lillian SchwartzTopical Cream

In Which Our Body Knows What Our Brain Does NotThis Recording

In Which We Flash That Anxious Smile: On Michelangelo Antonioni | This Recording



On the Concrete Form of What is Not Nothing | DUPLEX (Vol. IV)

On Matrilineality | PARMER

Expat | The Insomniac Propagandist (Vol. I)



In Which We Provide a Masculine Contemporary | This Recording

In Which We Are Held Accountable for Sexual Curiosity | This Recording

In Which They Began Spawning in Their Teens | This Recording

In Which We're Stuck In a Childlike Priority | This Recording

In Which It Is A Vicious Cycle Really | This Recording

In Which the Style Takes Over CompletelyThis Recording

In Which We Go On After It HappensThis Recording

In Which We Examine the Label on the BottleThis Recording

In Which the Place Begins to Feel FamiliarThis Recording

In Which Money Buys Judd Apatow HappinessThis Recording

In Which We Witness the Murder of Keira KnightleyThis Recording



Chelsea Wolfe, The Amazing, King Dude, & Saber | BrooklynVegan Chicago

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